Human health and Use of “antibiotics” medicines {Alarming Situation}

The most dangerous results of using excessive, or less anti-biotech drugs have begun to come against. World’s resistance to anti-biotech drugs, including Pakistan, is increasingly increasing the use of third or fourth generation drugs instead of first or second. And it’s become normal practice now.

Many unlimited periods of use of medicines, high or low quantities, the use of medicines is also a major cause for resistance. Due to increased advancement, millions of people have lost their lives in the world according to health. According to health, millions of people in the world are “antibiotics” They die due to resistance. Now, while World Health Organization has announced a weekend warning from anti-biotech drugs from November 13, 19, 2017. During this week, the National Institute of Health monitoring in the light of WHO’s instructions is being conducted across the country, vaccinations, seminars and other programs.

Every person has his own temperament. General, cold, dry and therefore, we should take intelligent point of view that a disease that is causing any illness is not necessary that the same disease I also benefit the other patient. The most important thing is to diagnose the disease. This work is done by Doctor or any medical expert.

After this, propose them medication. The patient and its surfers always try the same thing that the doctor gives them such a medicine that he may eat when he eats it, especially in the form of pain in any part of the patient. Wants to rest According to the patient’s wish, the doctor gives them “Straight ands” a “Antibiotics”. “and Antibiotics is a course.

More than that, it causes more problems. But it is because the patient is not interested in paying attention to the doctor’s heavy fee due to lack of interest in paying attention to the doctor’s instructions. The use of such a drug itself continues to be used. In such a case, man has to do more harm than to do ahead.

It is difficult for doctors to treat her .Some medicine does not affect the patient because she/he has been excessive in excess of “antibiotics” in excess of your body .When changing your doctor, There is also a major obstacle in the rescue from the disease because the doctor from whom He/She is being treated, He knows how much he has given the patient’s ‘anti-biotech’, as the other doctor does not provide first-rate doctor’s prescriptions, he starts treatment in his thinking and experience. It is more difficult to develop . One more thing we must know is that 40 billion rupees are spent on a new medicine, therefore the speed of becoming new antibiotics is also reduced. According to the report, 80 anti-biotech available in Pakistan .

While only 5 anti-biotech made in the past eight years. If the use of essential medicines is not stopped, the world can also disappear from miracle therapy. Indeed, pharmaceutical multinational companies are able to increase their business’ billions of rupees on making antibiotics that humans use from a disease, resulting in the effects of these medicines, human beings are sick and ill.

People’s kidneys, lungs are affected. These companies know very well what they have used to provide in the medicines market, and what drugs will be done to the next people. According to that, medicines are made. To maintain your diet, you should pay attention to your diet. Consider your usual life, many diseases take hold of us due to our negligence. Better treatment is better than many diseases. We can not save it. Doctors do not pay attention to paying for humanity. Understand it because it is the head of the world and the Hereafter.

Writing unnecessary prescriptions of “antibiotics”, and patients also should not treat their doctor without consultation. Unnecessary use of “antibiotics” causes the body to produce such problems that there is no treatment later. It is necessary that we avoid using reason for “antibiotics” and focus on our livelihoods as well as focus on our mortgage, in such cases we can live healthy.


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  1. I have taken antibiotics that helped me and having taken some that did not. I have medicine prescribed by my doctor that I take and I take it when I should. I am very good at listening and following the rules of my doctor.

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