How to take care of your skin while on the road

Either because you’re on holiday or have to travel for work, taking care of your skin while on the road is important if you don’t want to lose the progress you’d made at home. No one wants to have to deal with breakouts while traveling, and if you’re going on holiday, I’m sure you want those photos perfect for Instagram. You can’t have a bad skin day!

You need to keep up with your same, usual routine from home, however, I do understand it might be more difficult to do it while on the road, either because you can’t pack that much, or forgot something, or you don’t have all your normal tools and favorites with you.

I get it – but I’m here to help you!

Continue reading below to find out what are the best ways to taking care of your skin while on the road.

Sheet masks, clay masks, seaweed masks, all masks!

I kid you not, the first thing going into my make-up bag is masks. I prefer sheet masks or night leave-in masks when traveling because I find them the easiest to deal with whether I’m on a plane for a few hours or at a hotel.

I always find 5 minutes every other day to do a face mask before going to sleep. Or if I’m feeling extra lazy, I’ll use a leave-in mask so I can go right to sleep.

Wash it… you know you have to, so why avoid it

It’s the simplest of them all, but the most effective. Washing your face, especially after a long day outside or in public transportation, is the best way to get rid of bacteria and cleansing your pores. Add in an exfoliator while you’re at it and you’ll kill two birds with one stone.

Protect your skin, always!

Sunscreen should be the first thing in your purse. At all times. Not even only when on the road. Protect your skin from the sun, even if it’s cloudy.

Protected skin is a young and healthy skin, and nothing beats that. Choose a high SPF lotion (above 40 is great) for your face, ears, neck, and chest – yes, you’ll need it on your neck and chest too! – and for any skin that is exposed.

Always have minis of your favorites

If it works at home, it works on the road. Get all your favorite products in a miniature (travel) size, in order to be able to take them with you wherever you go.

No one wants to be filling up travel size containers at 11 pm the night before a flight – by having the minis all ready to go, you’ll be sure to take with you the products you know work for your skin.

If nothing else, then make-up wipes

Using make-up wipes on your skin seems to be a criminal offense these days. However, if the alternative is to not clean your face and remove your make-up, why not? Buy those wipes and take them with you. You can even use them on the plane or when going back to the hotel after a night out – they’re practical and your skin will thank you in the morning!


It’s nothing new nor extraordinary but making sure you’re drinking water while on the road is important for the whole functioning of your body. Especially when traveling, we have the tendency to forget to drink more because we’re out and about a lot. Particularly because of the extra physical activity, you should be drinking even more water!

Make sure you have a reusable bottle with you and this way, you’ll remember you have to drink. And if you can’t be bothered because you think it’s heavy to carry around, on the bright side, the more you’ll drink, the lighter it will be!

Book a special treatment.

I love getting facials in other cities or countries! It’s so exciting to see what differences I can find in tools, people and culture, even if it’s all about the beauty industry. Moreover, it’s a relaxing moment and if I don’t feel like treating myself to a nice exfoliation at the hotel, at least I’m getting what I need done by professionals.

I try to book an appointment midway through my trip to remind me that I should be keeping a close eye on my skin and I’ll feel more motivated to do so after my facial.

It’s all about planning…and simplicity.

Just keep yourself accountable. You should be removing your make-up and applying sunscreen, so make these steps easy for you when on the go. Get minis, keep them in your purse, multi-task.

There are no excuses for why you can’t take care of your skin while on the road. The tips above have just shown you that. Use them!


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