How To Prepare For Your First Charity Walk?

You just made a choice and do not know where to start? Only proper preparations could save you on that day. This is not to scare you, but nobody starts walking several miles if they are used to driving or taking a cab. You may have to train like most walkers and adjust your body and mentality towards getting this goal done as you would not want to let down your friends, would you? First of all, buy the right walking sneakers as getting the right walking gear gets you in the right mood. You may also consider cool shoelace designs. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to exactly prepare for this selfless act of charity.
Get Yourself Quality Training Sneakers
You have to be comfortable in order to finish the walk. This is entirely impossible if your feet are not comfortable. Sneaker shopping for your training activity is almost the hardest thing you will do today. There are a lot of challenges that one could face in getting the right pair or even the right size. To get this right, you might have to head to stores that specialize in sneakers selling and have the staff there give you a helping hand to get this right.
After getting the right pair for your training, you are not done, just not yet as you have to find the right socks too. Socks are protective clothing that not only maximizes your comfort, but also protects you from the harsh impact and friction that comes with walking long distances. Most sneaker stores can recommend you the best training socks for you hence saving your time and energy.
Begin Your Training Early
As indicated earlier, nobody begins walking straight 10 miles, this activity has to be progressive. For the best progress, you have to start practicing with shorter distances as you progress to the limit you intend to achieve. This way your body starts developing resistance to the struggle and you will begin to enjoy more.
Before You Start the Walk
After confirming your registration for the charity walk, make sure you know the exact starting point and where the walk crowns. You might then want to finish all the bathroom issues before hitting the road as you need no distractions along the way. It is also useful that you note areas you could park your car or catch a cab back home when it is all done.
During Your Walk
The walk is normally slow and enjoyable in the first five to ten minutes after it starts. You may then progressively pick up the pace and use the left side of the road to walk. This slowly starts turning into a competition and you may want to adjust your pace and let those with you on the walk overtake you if they need to. Beware of blisters, so wrap up your leg, if you sense any, before they grow to be painful. Treat your fellow competitors kindly and avoid habits like smoking while walking as that is not only detrimental to your health, but also affects the non-smokers participating in the event. Upon completion, it is only right that you take your fair share of refreshments and enjoy your snacks back home.

Remember not to overeat as walking is a way of reducing weight and overeating will only counter this concept.
After Finishing
Now that you have successfully finished your first walk, it is only right that you start planning for your next big charity walk. Most people, in fact, end up creating a habit to walk as a form of exercise a trait that helps them stay fit. Be keen to buy new sneakers whenever your previous ones start aging. Remember those comfortable sneakers and cool shoelace designs means happy walks and improved health for you.


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