How To Have a Normal Relationship With Your Ex – Next Step – 2

When you ‘escape’ a relationship, especially one with  an Abusive Partner  you must analyse every aspect.

What happened, and how it happened.

Many women are afraid to resume any contact with an Ex for fear he will again be able to manipulate them. Just knowing that you were manipulated is the first piece of armour. Use it.

Do not push it one side, it is important.

It is important for you to gain the confidence you had before you met him.

The only way you can effectively regain your confidence is to catch him trying another trick.

Remember,  he took your confidence.  He took your sense of self.  You have to take it back.  Take it away from him.

And you do that by proving to yourself he can’t manipulate you again.

This is how you get over an abusive relationship..


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