How Prescription Sunglasses Can Save your Life?

Did you know the ultraviolet rays generated from the sun can even turn you blind! Sun shining bright in the sky can be the reason for the darkness in your eyes. If you try sitting out in sun with naked eyes, you can notice the change in your vision slowly, slowly. But just to know how it can affect your eyes, you don’t have to really do that.

Sunglasses has always been an outdoor companion for many either to look stylish or protect the eyes or both. If you are a prescription glasses wearer and if you think it’ll be enough for you to protect your eyes even from sun, then you are completely wrong. Just because you’ve got number doesn’t mean you cannot wear sunnies. Of course you can enhance your vision and at the same time safeguard your vision with prescription sunglasses. This is a more convenient option also for contact lens wearer as they offer maximum protection. Keep your sunglasses secure and safe around your neck during all your daily activities with this cable strap from Luxe Performance.

Just like the normal sunglasses even prescription sunglasses are super snazzy and come is assorted styles. So you don’t have to worry about the look too. Hit the beach, drive down the road, go skiing or go surfing, prescription sunglasses will ensure you see clearly without damaging your eyes.

How can prescription sunglasses save your life?

Driving is one outdoor activity where your vision play a major problem. You need clear vision as well as safeguard your eyes from the bright sun, since it causes disturbance while driving. Sun glare is one of the predominant reasons for road accidents. Additionally if you have poor vision, we don’t need to tell you about the tragic consequence, it is understood. You can fortunately avoid such foreseen accidents. Get clear vision and at the same time avoid sun glare with prescription sunglasses with just one pair of protective sunnies. It is simply more beneficial than you can even imagine. Similarly other leisure and outdoor sporting activities where vision plays an important role, prescription sunglasses is certainly a good choice.

Ultimate glare and UV protection assured:

One important thing you need to understand is The colour of lens and the density of tint doesn’t matter while choosing sunglasses, UV protection is not dependent on it. It’s just a misconception. There are optician verified sunnies which provide 99 to 100% UV protection regardless to tint density or lens colour. If you are looking for ultimate glare protection then you can go for genuine polarised sunglasses or anti-glare lens coating that would protect your eyes against sunlight bouncing back from reflective surfaces like water, snow and sand.

Choice of lens:

While choosing prescription sunglasses, make sure the lenses are chosen for aesthetics and good function. Whether you prefer reading under the sun or driving, there are lenses for both near and distance vision in prescription sunglasses. Most of the optical stores offer same variety lenses as prescription glasses. Photochromic lens is a good option if you prefer wearing only one pair of glasses. The lens color changes as per the light. The lens darkens during bright sunlight and automatically becomes clear like normal glasses in indoor.

So if you wish to enjoy a bright future without getting affected by the bright sunlight then without a doubt, buy your favourable pair of prescription shades.


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  1. Sunglasses are essential to New Zealand roads….I got some excellent sunglasses from my optician in Onehunga. No, they are not prescription glasses as I don’t need them but they are better than cheap sunglasses and cost a bit more, and worth every cent.

    They cut out the glare and UV rays. I noticed that I don’t get so tired from driving

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