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How Many Diseases Can a Human Body Handle?

I have searched online but I haven’t gotten the results I expected. But, from an experience which isn’t a beautiful experience, a human body can carry many diseases without an individual knowing. An individual might complain of some pain but when he/she goes to the hospital or clinic, he/she is diagnosed with another disease which he/she wasn’t aware of.

Two days ago I was diagnosed with yet another disease, diabetes though I need to go for more testing to be sure. You might ask, which other diseases are you infected or affected with?

Well, I’m allergic to pollen, animals’ fur, dust, strong perfumes among others. Thus, it’s a problem of the lungs which you have to add the chest problems. At times I find it hard to breathe, feel tightness on my chest and sometimes chest pains.

Going on, I have an ulcer that is stubborn to leave my body but taking medication is helping a lot. Add to ulcers stomach bloating and swelling. I haven’t yet received a conclusive fact whether the ulcers is the cause of the bloating and swelling. I always feel full and one might say I’m three or four-month old pregnant.

Then, I have eyes problem. I inherited eye problems from my father thus am allergic to dust, light, strong perfumes or smells and so on. Even lung issues, I have inherited it from my father. I’m told am not asthmatic but I doubt it if I consider the breathing difficulties I experienced when young including wheezing and coughing and other symptoms of asthma.

Lastly, add back pain. I kind of inherited bone problems from my mother. And all these diseases, I have experiencing them for more than seven years.

I forgot, kidney and I think liver. Though these aren’t grave. I only need to take more fluids, especially water and eat more fruits.

That’s how much a human body can handle diseases or be affected with many diseases at once. I don’t know the maximum number a body can contain them but am amazed at the body’s immune system.


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  1. The test suggests that, on average, people have been infected with about ten different types of known virus families, including influenza’s, and rhinoviruses that cause the common cold, according to a medical terminology.

  2. Very interesting post. I am surprised at how much we have the same diseases. I am also allergic to pollen, grass, birch, etc. Given allergies, I have asthma. I have problems with my stomach, I was operated on the spine, I have osteoporosis, etc.

  3. I agree with ghostwriter in the fact that diseases can accumulate as in a chain of event. For example, your back pain and kidney problems, your allergies and your lung and eye problems, your ulcer and your abdominal problems. I do not know how old you are, but me, personnally, being 64, I have been plagued lately with low back pain (which I attribute to my being a registered nurse for 21 years and thus hard labour), increasing allergy problems (which I attribute to age and the environment), generalized aches and joint pain (which I simply attribute to old increasing age). I also strongly suspect that the environment that we live in and the food that we eat is contributing a lot to the increase of ailments and diseases that the world sees today. Anyway, I am sorry to hear that you are feeling poorly and I empathize with you, but my advice is eat well (no junk or processed foods), drink a lot of water for sure, walk and work slowly so as not to exert yourself and try to relax as much as you can…

    • Thank you HistoryGal. I am in my mid thirties. I can relate to your back pain. Apart from ulcers and diabetes, the others I developed even before I turned 20.

      Thanks for the advice, I will follow them. I will have to drink a lot of water because over here the weather stands at nearly 30 degrees centigrade. With the many sweat glands I have, I sweat a lot that even a few seconds after bathing I’m already sweating.


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