How Abusers Abuse Themselves – part 7

Abusers need to provoke a response. If his victim doesn’t do anything, he strives to get that response. Going further and further, and sometimes becoming enraged.

He must get a response.

The Abuser resides in a limited realm, a prison of his own making.

Inside the mind of the abuser is an ego which he must ‘please’ and he must ‘justify’ his actions.

Many people think that the abuser is just angry or provoked. This is not exactly true. The Abuser can only operate under stringent rules he creates.

He must obey his rules. No matter what it costs him, he has his rules and must obey.

When he has a victim he enforces those rules on the victim. When he has no victim, he forces them on himself. He ‘proves’ ¬†that his rules are right and should be followed, because he follows them.

If he doesn’t follow his own rules, they are proven worthless or unnecessary.


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