Helpful Beauty Tips To Slay Amazing New Year’s Eve Party

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Christmas may not be so much of a big thing for many, particularly for those who weren’t raised to follow the Catholic faith. New Year’s Eve, however, is celebrated by everyone the world over. It marks an end and a beginning — two powerful cultural concepts that men and women embrace since time immemorial to this day. It signifies hope and faith of what is to come.

Naturally, everybody gets into a whimsical mood, dressing up to start the coming year anew and feeling renewed. From the skin to the outfit, head to toe, everybody steps up to the lively ambiance of the New Year’s eve, and so should you. Below are five considerations you should make when prepping for an awesome eve outdoors waiting for the fireworks to be released.

The skin

Make sure you pay good attention and added care to your skin. Keep in mind that you can’t pull off a smashing night without amazing skin. More important than having to learn new tricks on how to put on makeup, follow this three-step routine to set your skin up for a glowing night out:

Step 1: Cleanse and exfoliate.

Rid your skin of impurities. Cleansing is not enough to show off the youthful, supple and naturally glowing skin. You have to facilitate skin turnover by exfoliating. Perform this step a couple of days before New Year’s eve to make sure that any micro-lesions are healed and that new skin has appeared.

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Step 2: Moisturize as much as you can.

Pack in skin moisture however way you can and whenever you can squeeze it in. Keeping your skin hydrated is the first step in guaranteeing your skin will look no less than stunning in time for the party. Use moisturizing face packs to give your skin a hydration boost.

Step 3: Spot treat.

Get any special treatment your skin needs. If you have the problem with dark marks, use a lightening cream. If skin aging is your major skin issue, treat your wrinkles. Schedule an appointment with your skincare clinician to get instantly noticeable improvements on problematic areas of your skin.

The Outfit

Here are three practical tips to nail your New Year’s outfit:

1. Dress appropriately.

That means let the festivities rub onto your outfit, no need to be conservative nor plain.

2. Check out what’s trending.

However, make sure to find a trend that will look good on you, particularly in relation to your body shape, height, and skin color.

3. Dress for style and comfort.

You want to be able to party so make sure your outfit allows you to do just that.

The Hair and Makeup

Whether you’re expressing your art, keeping it nude or highlighting your eyes, you need to check out tips on how to put on makeup. Practice how you’ll be wearing it for the party so you won’t have to struggle to put on your palette just hours before party time.

If you’re willing to try better alternatives for mascara such as eyelash extensions and enhancers then, you should get there early. How does Revitalash work? It infuses prostaglandin in your hair follicles which stimulates it to grow longer, thicker eyelashes.

For your hair, you also need to check out what styles go well with your outfit. Whether it’s pulled back, high pony, a braid or soft curls, you should get tips and practice well ahead of time if it’s not some hairstyle you’ve tried before.

The Swag

Bad posture can be a major deal breaker. Here are three tips to help you get your swag right:

1. Stand straight. Keep your back straight, your buttocks and chest out.

2. Put on those heels. High heels will help push up your back and force you to keep your back straight as you try to maintain your balance.

3. Practice your walk. Heel-toe, heel-toe. Cross your right leg over to the left and vice versa as you walk.

The Smarts

When you’re naturally confident, it will show and it will help you knock out every person you meet with your strong personality. But, remind yourself not to overdo it. Carry a conversation by being candid but by also thinking ahead before you speak.


Go and slay, Woman! Nail your New Year’s Eve party but don’t be somebody else other than yourself. Preparation takes time and practice — so, what are you waiting for? Make up your mind about how you want to look like.


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Written by Addie Davison


  1. If you use cleansing daily then there is a chance of loosing original beauty oil which generates from the skin. Don’t use hard cosmetics