Heat Wave

Having dealt with heat most of my life, I can give you a number of simple ways to confront it.

The easiest, if you’re staying home, is to sit in a tub of water.  Wear some thin underwear, and sit.  When you go out wear a damp tee shirt or leotard.  Have a wet handkerchief on your neck. 

As long as you stay out of air conditioned places, wearing damp clothes, having a wet cloth as a scarf will keep you cool, and you won’t get a draft.  

Think of it this way, you sit in cold water, you use that to wet and wring out your clothes so they are damp, you use it to soak and wring your ‘neckerchief’ so there is no waste.

If you have to do any physical work, do it before sunrise.  


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Written by jaylar

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