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Health from nature -Rose hip

Robin Biznis October 30.2018 Belgrade

Dog Rose or Rose hip  – Health Ministry

RosaCanina L.-Rosacea

When the autumn arrives, and later in the winter, our organism is more susceptible to colds or flu.For this purpose, I start preventing the use of tea from Dog Rose.

How often do I go fishing, I’ve met places where Rose Hip.

For the last two years, I bought it on a green market and I was preparing it for tea.

It is important that the fruits are brilliant and solid.When is the soft, then it is coated to make jam.

Then the hardest part follows. The fruits need to be shredded. You can do this in different ways, but I use a kitchen knife.I cut each fruit into several parts.

Dried fruits in sunny and possibly windy place.

We got ready-to-use fruits. It’s best to keep them in glass jars or in paper bags.

Although believe that you all know the healing nature of wild rose, let is remind ourselves why everything is medicinal Dog Rose.Well,there’s a lot of vitamin C then rich in vitamins B 2 and K, as well as vitamin A (carotene). It contains large amounts of pectin, tannin,and organic acids,  etc.

Recipe:Tea for strengthening immunity and against viral infections:

Two teaspoonful  of fruit  Dog  rose(Rosa canina), one bucket Elder flowers (Sambuci nigre), one soup spoonful of lemon balm(Melisaofficinalis),and one soup spoon of leaf and flowers wild marjoram (Origanumvulgare) and  overflow with 750ml boiling water, stir, cover and leave to stand for 20 minutes. Treat, then drink one cup immediately,and the rest of the tea should be consumed during the day in smaller sips.

I’m preparing tea this way.

In the summer, I put the fruits in the evening in to a bowl and pour them in cold water and cover.Tomorrow I warm up to the key and get off the spore.After ten minutes, I do it.I use cold water over a day of water instead.

Winter storage: In the morning I cover the fruits with water and leave the until the evening.

I warm the water to begin to boil , and after ten minutes I process tea and I drink it as a warm drink.In this way, the least vitamin C is lost, and it is obtained on a full aroma of wild rose.

Please try my recipe, and write me in the comments if you liked it.


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    • It is best to have him travel in the cold water and let it pass by in the morning.
      Then you warm it up to kneeling.
      After 15 minutes I add honey and that’s the best way.

    • Life taught me and I like cooking, medicinal herbs.
      In fact, I’m interested in many things and I’m studying them.
      Different types of ropes are prepared and prepared differently.
      Each has its own way.

  1. Jedan sajvet. Prilikom konzumiranja čaja od šipurka, bilo kojeg čaja, nikako ne koristiti metalnu kašičicu. Vršena su istraživanja, metalna kašika u čaju uništi preko 60% Vitamina C! Koristite drvene ili PVC kašike.

    • In fact, I did not write much. It is very good for many diseases.
      Strengthens immunity, reduces sugar, helps with rheumatism, seeds are used in stone in the kidney.
      We grew up in the Rose of Rose Hip.Etc …
      Thank you Doc.

      • That is nice! My mom was always worried about various health changes (she is a nurse) in the world around us, so I grew up in a similar fashion, just not Rose Hips!