Hacks for Getting Dressed If You Have Excessive Sweating

Excessive sweating (Hyperhidrosis) may occur due to many health conditions. It requires daily preparation and can easily be managed. Conditions that may lead to heavy sweating include:

· Menopause hot flashes

· Thyroid problems

· Diabetes

· Heart attack

· Low blood sugar

· Infections

· Some certain types of cancer

· Nervous system disorders

However, it can be due to hereditary reasons as well. Some families have heavy sweating in their genes. If you continue to sweat in unusual amounts (even though it is cool outside) and it’s affecting your quality of life, schedule an appointment with a dermatologist.

Clothing can help keep you protected against excessive sweating to some extent, but you should consider treating the underlying issue that is making you sweat by consulting a board-certified dermatologist. Your doctor may prescribe you medications to limit your sweating which you can get from 90 Day Meds easily.

Take a look at the following hacks for getting dressed if you have excessive sweating.

Dress in layers

Make it a rule of thumb to dress in layers especially during winters but you can also wear layers of clothing no matter what the season. Start from a thin layer of clothing, and top it with a loose piece of clothing. During the summer season, wear a tank top underneath a shirt. 

During cold weather, wear a cotton shirt underneath a sweater or jacket. If you start sweating in the middle of the day, you can take off the one layer of clothing to help cool your body down.Adopt healthy seasonal activities to make your body used to a good lifestyle.

 Choose natural fabrics

Natural fabrics are more comfortable to wear than any other type of material. These fabrics act as sweat barriers to your body. Among the many types of natural fabrics, cotton is the best type to wear in case of sweating. Other alternatives to cotton are silk and wool. 

 Select darker colour or prints

Bold selections of colours and prints are good for concealing sweat that might start anytime during the day. Avoid wearing solid white clothes as much as you can as it tends to show if the clothing gets damp.

Don’t neglect your feet

Feet get sweatier than any other parts of the body. When it comes to hyperhidrosis, sweating can be more intense on the feet. Try to wear sandals or go barefoot to keep them air dry. Also, you can wear shoes made from natural fabrics such as leather and cotton. Always keep a second pair of shoes or socks just in case you need fresh ones. 

Use an antiperspirant before getting dressed

Always keep in mind to use antiperspirants before you get dressed. Instead of using body sprays, use solids or roll-ons that have much more coverage of the body. Antiperspirants help target sweat glands to make them produce less sweat. Deodorants prevent odours caused by sweating. Make sure to apply antiperspirant first and then move on to use deodorant. Here are some tips of How to use antiperspirants effectively.


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