Gym Workout 7.8.21

Thursday, July 8, 2021

I went to the gym this morning. I started my workout with the treadmill, walking the Chamonix, France trail, which is 3.46 miles, but very steep–18 inclination. Eventually, I reduced the inclination to 10 and sometimes 5.5, which were more manageable. I walked for 52 minutes, burning 814 calories. Then, I decided to go on the stationary bicycle, and ride casually for 50 minutes. I rode for 6.86 miles, burning 157 calories.  In total, I did 10.32 miles, burning 971 calories.

While riding the stationary bike, I noticed on the TV screen that today’s Irvine temperature is 84 degrees. I also read on the screen that Biden plans to completely withdraw all the US troops in Afghanistan by August 31st. They have been there too long as it is. They were probably building something there.

I returned home and realized I need to go grocery shopping. 


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