Growth Factor Plus vs Peak Height

While some people may think that a pill that makes you taller is unrealistic, there are many pills on the market that attempt to make you taller. Among these supplements are Growth Factor Plus and Peak Height. Growth Factor Plus was made for adults and promises to deliver on results such as growing a couple inches within a month, while Peak Height was tailored for adolescents who are still in the process of growing naturally. This is a comparison of and the negative aspects to both supplements.

How does Growth Factor Plus Work?

Growth Factor Plus is a supplement that contains five essential amino acids that are essential for bone growth. These nutrients enhance the production of HGH in your body; HGH lends to spine growth. Other ingredients in Growth Factor Plus help increase the strength of your joints and bones so your spine gets a better support system. The supplement has a blend of vitamins, herbs, and minerals, making it an all-around growth product to help your overall health.

These ingredients get to work while you sleep, as the secretion of HGH happens best as you’re sleeping. It also provides additional health benefits, including improved sleep and improved bone and joint function. It works very well for athletes, as it alleviates some joint pain, and is very easy to ingest—you only need to take one pill.

Negatives to Growth Factor Plus

Of course, you won’t grow taller overnight; getting taller will take time, even with this supplement. Results will also vary widely between different individuals. Some people have reported getting taller, while other people haven’t. Be warned as well that this supplement is only ideal if you’re over eighteen years old, which means that many teenagers going through growth spurts can’t take it.

How does Peak Height Work?

Peak Height is another popular supplement that contains five essential nutrients you need for bone strength and growth. It ensures that you receive all nutrients sufficiently and consistently. Not only does it contain all of the nutrients, but it also provides optimal amounts of each; you won’t have to measure anything out yourself. It’s effortless to consume, and your progress will be easier to track. Peak Height’s dosage is three pills, and people can choose whether or not to consume it before bedtime.

Negatives to Peak Height

Peak Height was specifically made for people 18 and younger. It is a supplement that’s designed to support natural adolescent growth. If you’re a teenager, this is the perfect growth supplement to help you become taller, but if you’re an adult, you are unfortunately out of luck. Adults are welcome to consume Peak Height, but optimum effects will come for those who are younger.

While you won’t get taller overnight, these two supplements are designed to support bone strength and growth by providing the essential nutrients you need. As with all supplements, these are not replacements for any meals; to achieve your optimum growth and health, eat regular foods and take care to have a balanced diet as you get enough exercise.

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