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Good Food is Necessary for Strong Bones

A strong structure is very important not only to give shape to the body, but also to anchor the muscles and protect the internal organs. Apart from this, a healthy set of bones is essential for strength, good posture and balance. The two main ingredients that help you develop strong bones are phosphorous and calcium. Besides this, lesser amounts of other nutrients such as minerals, vitamins and proteins are also required in a balanced way.

Even though the process of developing bones in a healthy way starts at birth, it is important to have and maintain a proper diet program that contains minerals, vitamins and proteins at all ages. It becomes particularly essential when the bone density reduces considerably after about thirty years of age or following menopause in women. So it is better to have some good foods to help you increase the density of your bones at any age.

Without doubt, milk is the best source of calcium required for proper growth of bones. That too, fat-free or milk with low fat is the best option. This is for the reason that without the added fat, it has high calcium content that promotes the  absorption of calcium by the body easily. Along with calcium, milk also provides other important nutrients required for maximum bone health like vitamins A, D, B12,  phosphorous,  magnesium and potassium.

Dairy products play a role in it. A report has earlier selected dairy products like yoghurt and cheese as the preferred source of calcium due to their high levels of calcium. If you are not tolerant to lactose then you can also go for other dairy products that have lesser levels of lactose or lactose free. Sardines fish has very high levels of vitamin D and calcium and both play an important role in bone development.


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