Frightening Yourself with Your Own Doing

Some people do a lot of things to scare them up. I am sure that all of you are aware that there are some surgeries ended up in bad situations. It has been an issue that shown in the parameters of the internet. Images had been produced to let the people aware of what would be the possible side effects of cosmetic surgery. Despite the bad feedback, some people continued to avail the medical services of whom they thought to be expert.


There are some cases that they died under the care of the cosmetic surgeons. It takes a lot of courage to go under the knife. It seems beauty is most important than living a normal life. We are aware that some celebrities had their share to maintain the youth of being beautiful on and off screen. The end result, they look so indifferent. It seems they are so immune to what makes them look like after the facial surgery to be specific.


For some reason, they tend to look like a living dead. Their face will not last its quality and can result to take another series of cosmetic surgeries. In the long run, they might be scared of themselves because the beauty was being altered and damaged permanently.


If you wanted to be scary without any alterations, then you can to download an app and create yourself in a scary state. I had a mobile application that can create myself scarily. Would you feel scared? I am sure you are not because it is the effect of the mobile app. But then, I am still me. It was enhanced to be scary and I still possess the real me physically.

Everything is possible with the help of modern gadgets. There is no need to be sculpted by a scalpel. That seems so painful and some people continued to sacrifice their lives and die for the sake of being beautiful. It was like living with a defect in their faces. There is no fountain of youth. It is a myth and people need to know the real beauty is from within and enjoys the aging process instead.


What do you think?


Written by Shavkat

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