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How to find swim goggles that fit

With so many different shaped eyes out there, how do you find goggles that fit? In this video, I’ll cover goggle basics and discuss different goggle features. Most goggles are designed to fit within your eye socket. If the eyepiece is to large, you won’t get a good seal.  Every time you wiggle your eyebrow or move your cheek, the goggles will move or shift.

If the nose piece is too wide, water will leak in by your nose. If the nose piece is too narrow, the goggles will pinch your nose and water will leak in at the corner of you eye. That’s why goggles come in many different shapes and sizes.

Goggles that fit your eyes properly will create a seal even without the strap on. However, with this next pair, the nose piece is too narrow for me, and they won’t stay on. Next, we’ll review different goggle features. We’ll take a closer look at the eye piece, nose piece, and straps.

You may not see a huge difference between this adult pair of goggles on the left and the kids pair on the right, but there will generally be a big difference in comfort and fit. While my daughter may be smiling here, she was adamant that this particular pair of goggles felt weird. The eye piece is just too big for her face. If the eye piece doesn’t fit right, it won’t matter how tight you make the straps. Water will get in.

Some goggles come with a non-adjustable nose piece like the pair on the left. If they fit, great! If not, you may go with a pair that you can adjust. Watch here as I tighten the nose piece. By doing this, I’m bringing the goggles closer together. However, if you tighten it all the way, sometimes the nose piece will dig into your nose. If this happens, you can trim the nose piece with a pair of scissors. Please note though, this cannot be undone.

Some goggles come with different size nose pieces to use. A little adjustment to the nose piece, can make a big difference in the comfort and performance of your goggles.

While I certainly survived as a child with goggles that had a single strap, goggles with a split or double strap do have their advantages. Goggles with a single strap will tend to slide down below your child’s ears more often.  Whereas, goggles with a split or double strap, will stay in place better.

I hope this video helps you find the right pair of goggles for you or your child.


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Written by Chris B.

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