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Special attention should be paid to eye protection. Intense exposure to sunlight can lead to burns of the eyelids, conjunctival and corneal joints, which can dry out, crack, peel and hurt. But sun rays can irretrievably damage the interior of the eye, the lens and the eye-catching background. We are not aware of this because damage to the depth of the eye does not hurt. Consequences can be clouding of the lens (cataract) and decay of visual cells on the ocular background, which is permanent. It is therefore necessary to protect the eyes in sunshine with sunglasses. The only condition they must meet is that the “glass” has a filter that does not allow the penetration of harmful UV rays (up to 400 nm of wavelength).

There are glasses that do not change the outside color and are suitable for drivers. When purchasing glasses, it is also necessary to request a declaration in which the manufacturer cites the characteristics of the glass and guarantees the quality of the product.

Children should wear sunglasses with other precautions – a cap or a hat. Infants and very young children who can not wear sunglasses and should not be directly put into the sun in the middle of the day. Usually, parents buy some cheap glasses for their kids, but that is totally wrong. You should buy good glasses for your children as well. Sunglasses should be worn not only in the summer but also in sunny days throughout the year, especially in the spring.

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