Easy Homemade Soaps to Use

Soaps are a daily necessity to clean the body while bathing. Using chemical soaps are not a good idea and so one must depend on the natural ones.

There are many organic homemade soaps online India which one can buy and use. Even better, if they can make those soaps at home. Here are some natural soap ideas.

Milk and Honey Soap

This soap is great if one wants to go for anti aging bars. They can also fight against the acne problems of the skin and the moisturising elements present in honey and milk helps in the smoothening of the skin. Milk helps to soften the skin and retain its glow.

Tea Tree and Charcoal Facial Soap

This is a perfect formulation for the combination and the oily skin types. It looks good like a sleek black bar and with the presence of tea tree oil in the soap it has some healing attributes. The activated charcoal present in the soap also has some detoxifying effects and it also has some other skin friendly ingredients like palm, olive oil, coconut and castor oils. So this offers a lot of hydration to the skin.

Pure Coconut Oil Soap

To make this soap at home, one needs 4 primary ingredients like lye, coconut oil, water and the choice of essential oils. This soap is very effective when it comes to cleansing and moisturising. Some can add more coconut oil to this soap in order to make it more moisturising and fatty.

Aloe Vera Soap

This particular soap has the ability to soothe the sun burns and also to treat acne. It has moisturising abilities and it can defy the major signs of aging. Aloe vera is a very active ingredient when it comes to soap making and along with that, one can add Shea, olive oil, butter and lard to make it super nourishing.

Lavender Oatmeal Soap

If one has a dry and itchy or a bit sensitive skin, then this soap can be perfect for them. It has all the good qualities of oatmeal and lavender. One can use both lavender essential oil and dried lavender flowers to make this soap at home.

Yogurt and Banana Soap

The major ingredients to make this soap are flax seed oil, banana powder, powdered yogurt and essential oils. One can also add some Vitamin E capsules to this mixture. This one is an excellent cure for the dry skin and flakiness of the skin.

Pink Himalayan Salt and Grapefruit Soap

One can use Himalayan salt in great use when they are making this soap at home. The other ingredients that are required are grapefruit essential oils and goat milk soap base.

Poppy Seed Soap

There are two soaps which have their own use. The almond poppy soap is used on the skin and they can do the exfoliation perfectly. On the other hand there is a lemon poppy soap variation which is mainly used as a dish washer.

One can also buy natural handmade soap wholesale and use them on a regular basis.


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