Easiest Exercises for Triceps to Get Those Big Guns

Ever thought of investing time in building up your physique? If no, now is the time to do so. The first thing that gets noticed about physique is the cuts and curves, especially if you are a guy then need of having toned and chiseled arms are dire. Triceps plays a vital role in building up and toning those muscles that will give you a new way to look up to yourself as triceps consists of a large group of muscles required to be worked upon.

Let’s get introduced to some simple triceps forming exercises.

Triceps Dips:

This exercise requires a seated tricep extension machine which will be in place at your local gym. But, don’t worry if you cannot go to a gym, you can do this exercise easily in your home as well.

  • Stand in the opposite direction of the chair.
  • Get into a squat position and put your palms on the chair then bend your legs.
  • Now with your arm strength lift your body up and down from the ground level.
  • Repeat these steps for the desired number of sets.

Triangle Pushups:

This workout is comparatively harder as it requires a large amount of upper body strength.

  • Take a plank or push up position.
  • Form a triangle with your fingers (join both the index fingers and thumbs) and bring your arms under your chest.
  • Now bring your body down and go up as you repeat for consecutive sets.


Kick back is another most effective triceps exercise for muscles activation, this exercise required weights (dumbbells) to move your arm up and down.

  • Place the right foot on a step and rest the forearm on your thigh
  • Weight should be handled on your left hand and lift your elbow up by placing the elbow in the same position pull the arm back from you.
  • Bring the forearm down to 90 degrees and repeat.

Lying Triceps Extensions:

Lying triceps extension is also called Dumbbell bench press. This exercise is pretty easy to do and gives promising results.

  • Lie down on a flat back with dumbbells in each hand.
  • Raise the dumbbells up in a synchronized manner
  • Now, move the dumbbells to your either sides.

Overhead Triceps Extension:

This is one of the most effective exercises when it comes to muscle activation. This exercise can be done on a chair, ball, and bench etc (both standing and seating position) while keeping the arms next to the ears and holding the weight while it goes down till 90 degrees; it’s important to keep the back straight while performing the exercise.

Bar Pushdown:

The exercise can be done with both exercise band and cable machine while keeping the elbows stationary at 90 degrees and pushing the bar/handle down and back to its original state.


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Written by shalani singh

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