Drying Shampoo

Never tried dry shampoo? Besides being able to skip washing and blow drying there are many reasons why investing in a dry shampoo is beneficial. Shampooing, conditioning, sectioning, blow drying, and sectioning once more is a workout all on its own. Instead of staying in the shower or keeping the sink running while shampooing and conditioning, all there is to do is a condition, not only that but for the busy weeks when there is no time to even consider washing the hair. A dry shampoo supplies the nutrients that a bottle of shampoo gives. All there is to do is section and spray. This cuts down the amount of time needed for the hair. For some, shampooing is not always the best for our hair. Just about every hair brand has a bottle of dry shampoo. Suave and Pantene dry shampoo are affordable and convenient with the fresh smell of newly washed hair.

Not Your Mother’s Naturals Collections consist of a Curl Defining, Repair and Protect, Volume Boost, and High Moisture collection. The only collection with a dry shampoo is Volume Boost its unscented no residue spray will heal the scalp in a few days. After, applying this complimentary gift to my scalp, which had been itching uncontrollably for a few weeks due to not washing and not applying tons of products, the itching faded away in a matter of four days. Not Your Mother’s creators really did their work on creating a product. Nowhere in the description will it say it stops the itching of the scalp, however, it does. This simple act of the shampoo is what made me fall head over heels for the company.


For all those who have not tried Not Your Mother’s products let’s get right into what the company is about. The company is primarily an animal cruelty-free company. Though they do admit that four products have an ingredient derive from an animal. They also list the four products that have this ingredient. So, before canceling this company out. We must give props where they are due. Most companies will not admit to any type of animal cruelty. Thanks, NYM for letting the customers know the truth about your products. Besides being a natural company, the ingredients are great for the hair. Each product does something different, but they never work against one another or any other products not from their line.

Why invest in a dry shampoo? Too much water can damage hair follicles. Before dunking your head under the sink or stepping in the shower to reduce constantly turning the water on and off. Try a dry shampoo and save some hair follicles.


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Written by Dasia


  1. I have heard of dry shampoo. Never read a product review or recommendation. Seems like a practical haircare product. Don’t believe I’ve ever seen this on the store shelf. If I want to buy it I’ll have to search for it. Good review!