Dried figs and apple vinegar – Recipe for reducing fat in the blood

Because of the fast lifestyle, bad nutrition and lack of physical activity, increased fat in the blood is the disease of today. Often, fat deposits may be noticeable in the form of fat yellow tissue in the form of tile or nodules on the upper eyelids or in some other parts of the body. The progression of the disease is accompanied by thickening of the blood vessels wall, atherosclerosis, and other risk factors (smoking, alcohol, nicotine) and the consequence of all this are unfortunately the most common cardiovascular diseases that are one of the leading cause of death in the world.

If you have a high level of fat in the blood, I recommend this medicine because it has helped many.

ingredients: dried figs and apple vinegar. Make a cure in the evening and drink it in the morning. Take three dry figs, and sprinkle them well with the toothpick on all sides, and then insert them into the glass bowl into which you put 2 dcl of apple vinegar. Let it stand overnight and eat these three pickled figs in the morning. Do not throw the rest of the vinegar, but in that same vinegar next night, put three figs – repeat the whole process again.

Those 2 dcl of vinegar you can use up to 7 days, most of it the figs will soak in. On the eighth day, take another 2 dcl of vinegar and repeat for another week.

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