Digital Body for Medical Colleges – Latest Invention

Medical colleges have always been missing the  donations of bodies to learn experiences and surgery, Now to remove this shortage, experts from the University of Mount Palier, France have developed a ‘virtual body’ scroll cord with  3D-Scanners.

The need to make it is that there is a severe reduction in body donation for surgery throughout the world, due to shortage and unavailability of donated bodies, new doctors are unable to diagnosed with surgery and experiments. And there are no dead bodies available for experiment  in some medical colleges, and there are some countries where there is not allowed to donate such body for experiment and due to dead body desecration.

This system has developed by the team of doctors of the University of Mount Palier, Dr. Gallam. In the first phase, he has facilitated peripheral surgery in the neck. This is because the human body is very complicated and there is a lot of difficulties in making whole body diagnosis system. Dr. Gailam and the assistant of the original body have surged in its preparation, and it has been stored in modern scanners for compatible computers. Now with Virtual body, it can be treated as a surprise, However, they provide hundred percent accurate information to the doctors and the people and they can get more experience.

The next phase will be made of D database of entire body parts. And it can be practiced before any operation.


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