Diabetic (Sugar) patients eat bread or rice?

The most important thing is to keep the blood sugar levels is careful diet in both types of diabetes, without which it is not possible to control diabetes.

In the world Diabetes is increasingly spreading day by day and the most asked question by the patients is that what foods they can eat? Rice and bread are the essential ingredients of normal diet, therefore patients of the diabetes are always confused in choice of rice or bread.

Which diet and bread can be useful for diabetes patients? Nutrition Expert researching on this question says, the most important thing for sugar patients is that the glycemic index of the diet food. This is the measure that can be found helpful that carbohydrates in any diet have the ability to convert sugar.

Nutrition experts further says. If a glycemic index of a diet is less than 55, it adds less blood sugar, while more than 70 glycemic indexes contain high doses of sugar. Rice’s glycemic index is 73 which is dangerous to the diabetic patients, while glycemic index of bread from the grinder flour is 52. In such a manner, instead of rice wheat flour can be useful for sugar patients.

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