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The Definition of Happiness Depends on You

The definition of happiness varies at present. There are people that get their happiness through material things like owning a car, jewelries, gadgets or appliances. There are those who are happy when they achieved their highest goals. Their happiness is on the pinnacle. Some are choosing things that money can’t buy like true love, true friends, pets and family. Some are not very ambitious to say the least. They only love to be alone, read a book or having a warm bath the freshens them up and keep them from stress are the best. What are your thoughts about happiness?

Some people treat happiness as a choice. There are people that no matter how good their life at, they are never satisfied. They keep on looking for more. If they don’t have what they want in their hands, then they are not happy. We cannot blame them because we all have something in life that could define the true happiness inside our heart. Even if it is simple or not, we only have our own definition of happiness.

Happiness for me is being healthy. Not all are grateful for being healthy, but you need to learn from me because a healthy being will land you to a lot of good places, you will meet a lot of opportunity that comes along your way, you will be present in different important events in your life and you will always there for the people you love. That is something I value and I hope God will always makes me happy by saving me.


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