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Dealing with False Memory – 23 – end

When your ears are assaulted by revelations from someone you don’t know, cut them off, leave, do what you need to do to end the blather.

No one who suffered certain traumas, regardless of what they entail, shares them with strangers or people they are not close to.

They are telling you because they need to continually resuscitate that false memory.  They need to hear their voice confirming what didn’t happen.

On the opposite side, people you’ve known all your life who begin to tell you something completely off the wall, something you know couldn’t have happened, find out if they were recently at a psycho-therapist.

When they say yes, probably with surprise, quickly pick apart their fantasy.  

If you are successful, you’ve saved them a lifetime of grief.


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Written by jaylar

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    • Everyone does, but you would never meet me for the first time and instantly give me a front row seat. For what happened to you is private. Only those who have known you ‘forever’ would be aware of a fraction of it.

      People with False Memory Syndrome can run into you at some fete, and sit down and start dumping.

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