Dealing with False Memory – 17

The most crucial point of False Memory is to uncover that it is False.  

If one is lucky, they do so early.    For False Memories can and have ruined lives.  

This can not be over emphasised.

It has been proven, time and again, that when a person has ‘authority’  their statements are given greater credence than one who does not.When a person gains authority over another, such as the psycho-analyst gains over the patient, the possibility of abuse must be first in one’s mind.There are many cases,  legal cases,  in which a psycho-analyst has manipulated a patient.  Has,  because of their own  personal  issues,  their own personal need to control,  manipulated a patient  to give them the ‘power’  they crave.

Many Narcissists have gone into psychology because it grants them unchecked power over those who, by walking into their office, proven their weakness.Just imagine how a narcissist can manipulate the mind of a patient who trusts and relies on them, and you are looking at the current dangers inherent in analysis today.


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