Dealing With False Memory – 14

False Memory, as I use it, is not that you recall wearing a yellow dress to a wedding when it was actually  a blue dress,  it is recalling something that Never Happened.

Unless you have a delusional mental disease, you do not produce false memories.  You can misremember, such as the colour of a dress, but  this is different from a False Memory in which you  ‘remember’  attending a wedding you never did.

And the  only reason you have this memory is because it was inserted by another.

Parents may tell a child a story and the child will believe it.  Believe it so well, they can picture it.

Often, when a child gets older s/he may realise  it was a story, or may not.  At some point when it is revealed to be untrue, the ‘victim’ will accept it, maybe with hesitation, or annoyance, but there is no ‘vested interest’ in believing it.  

The issue today with False Memory is not an accidental lie or mistake, it is the result of psycho analysis.   It is  the result of a therapist inserting a reason.

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