What a deaf person expects from the people of his society and how can we help them?

In the today’s world of competition, everyone is running in his direction after his destiny and very little attention we pay to the people around us in public. We, the people who have all the senses working rightly for us, cannot understand the problems the people with some disability are facing. Same goes for the hearing impaired people as it is quite difficult for them to cope with some situations which the other people hardly notice.

Let us learn how to help the deaf people around us

Regardless of the fact whether there are some deaf people working in our surroundings or not, we should all join hands to make things simpler for them, and this can only be done successfully if we start learning the stuff in their ways. So here is a list of things we all need to pay attention to so the next time we are in public or some private place, we make the deaf people feel equally welcome and comfortable.

  • The vital safety information and other important messages are conveyed to the public by the public address systems. The deaf people are unable to hear these announcements, and they cannot work in time to cope with it. Therefore we all need to take care of other people around us as well.
  • The hearing impaired people use the visual and their eyes to communicate with each other and the other people, they get the awareness of things on seeing them only. Therefore the night time or the darkness is very problematic for them. It is, therefore, necessary to take care of them when it is dark.
  • The deaf people cannot read an approaching person from behind as they cannot hear the rustling feet, so they are very likely to get jumpy if someone approaches them without making a noise. So when you are near them, try to reach from the front or try making things simpler for them.
  • When we talk to each other or when we seek someone’s attention the simplest way is to call their name. This is impossible to be done for the deaf people. You have to slightly touch them to get their attention. So make sure to do the touching politely.
  • The sign language used by the deaf people to interact with each other, is not known commonly to us. It becomes difficult for them to communicate in sign language. It is therefore essential to learn the basics of the sign language to help them wherever we can.
  • The deaf people, due to a lot of hindrances in their way in fine communication, are mostly lonely and suffer from depression and anxiety. It is the moral duty of us all to take care of them and become their friends so they can enjoy all the perks of life just like the rest of us.
  • A common behavior of ignoring the presence of the deaf while they are with you and talking about them is what makes them feel bad as well.

Reference: Dinhoerelse


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Written by Keisha Laine

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