Deadly And Infectious Nipah Virus: 4 Districts Of Kerala Affected

The Kerala government has issued an order to bar visitors to the Nipah virus affected areas. After this, the number of people visit to Kerala every year from Indore has been decreased drastically in the last 10 days. The people who have already made the booking are also collecting information from the concerned state agencies considering the situation.

On the other hand, the health department has also ordered the health check-up of any of the people traveling in the affected area as ill. After many deaths in particular four districts of Kerala, Kozhikode, Mallapuram, Wayanad and Kannar, the District authorities there issued orders not to trespass these four districts. On Wednesday, the government has advised caution by issuing alert in the state. The passengers coming from Indore to Kochuveli Express are being examined at the Goa Railway Station. Even in the city of Indore, the Health Department has ordered to maintain distance from the people traveling to Nipah affected area. The person coming from there is advised to immediately show the doctor whenever any one feels ill.

In the past one week, only around 40 bookings have been done through travel agencies across the city.

The spokesperson of ‘Kerala Samajam’, Alex said that 25 thousand people of Kerala are currently residing in the whole city. These includes even private Hospital’s Nursing staffs who come from Kerala. This number is approximately 40 thousand in the division. 60% of these people also have gone to their homes during the summer holidays. And these people hail from various district of the state of Kerala. But not any one has gone to four affected districts of Kerala. He told that everyone will return in the first and second week of June. Even not any one was informed ill among who has gone from here. All are safe.

CMHO Dr. HN Nayak has ordered to make the distance from the people coming from the affected areas of Kerala and immediately to have medical treatment if any one informed ill. He has ordered the city’s government and private doctors, clinic operators, nursing home operators to take treatment and prompt information keeping the symptoms of Nipah virus in mind. Signs of illness include fever, breathing, absent sensorium, traveling in the affected area in 21 days, and after examination of cerebral fever or other infection.

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Written by Anjan Kumar Samal

National Secretary-THE LAST HOPE(REGD.)


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