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The United States has always ridiculed other countries and their leaders.  With a certainty of their superiority Americans smirked at the speeches and actions of those who led other nations.

Suddenly, the situation is reversed, and the world, from Kinshasa to Kingston, from Manila to Montevideo, are laughing at America, especially its President.

Here is a man who knows nothing about anything; whether geography or trade or acceptable behaviour.  A man who speaks with less fluency than a ten year old, who constantly contradicts himself and lies.  

Instead of admitting he was wrong, he pretends he never made the statement.   And those who show him videos and transcripts are dismissed as ‘Fake News’  as a ‘Hoax’.

In other countries, those in which the people have some sense of self respect, he would be swept out of office.  But in America, as he is the ‘standard’ he is hailed and supported by his mindless minions.

Years ago, America was seen with some sense of admiration.  Countries depended on America.

No longer.

Where Sh8thole countries (Trump’s term for those ruled by non-whites) have been able to contain the Corona Virus, America has the greatest number of infections and deaths.

And this will increase.

As health care was never important to Trump, as there was no profit in it for himself and those of his ilk, America suffers more than the Democratic Republic of the Congo which has 234 cases, 16 recovered and 20 deaths.

America, as of writing, has over 535,703 cases, 32, 276 recovered, and 16,972 deaths.

China, where it all began, has 82, 052 cases, 77, 575 recovered and 3,339 deaths.

One is safer living in the Democratic Republic of the Congo than in the United States.


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