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Coronavirus (Covid-19) symptom #3: Shortness of breath

The third and final symptom shown in the above picture from the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) is shortness of breath.  Take a deep breath and breathe in.  Then, breathe out.  If you can take a deep breath, then you are not suffering this symptom from the coronavirus.  If you are wheezing and if you are not a smoker, then you could potentially have Covid-19.

The combination of the three symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath) is a clear indication that a person has the coronavirus.  This combination of symptoms are completely different from a common cold, which includes fever and a cough.  However a cold does not bring about shortness of breath because a common cold attacks the upper respiratory system, while the coronavirus attacks the lower part of the lungs in your midsection.

As a result, other symptoms of a common cold are a runny nose, chest congestion, and headaches.  These symptoms are not symptoms of the coronavirus.


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