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Corona Crazy

We have had our first case of Corvid – 19 on the 9th of March.

Despite blocking cruise ships and having travel bans, in pops a woman who has flown  home from England for a funeral.

She sat on a plane, she sat on a bus, she stayed in a house and went to a funeral. Feeling sick, she went to a medical centre and became Patient Zero.

The rumours started, the Prime Minister came on television to calm, everyone went crazy and then there was another, unrelated case of someone in the American Embassy.

Everyone went crazier than before and by the 11th people were buying two dozen rolls of toilet paper at a crack, loading up on every possible disinfectant until supermarkets posted limits.

People are wearing masks, some using their bandannas, so it is hard to determine who is a customer and who is a robber.

People are selling bottles of alcohol for $500 each, calling radio stations to spread the panic. Supermarkets have hand sanitisers and guards to make you use it.

There are now Eight confirmed cases; two guys from Trinidad who arrived via Malaysia via Dubai and London, a guy from London, a local who came by ship from the Canary Islands via Portugal and Miami, the father of patient zero and a friend of hers.

Schools have been closed, sporting events and dances are cancelled, and everyone is a step from hysteria, save those who are a half step.

Communicating with people all over the world I take a twisted comfort in knowing Jamaica isn’t the only place going crazy.


What do you think?


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  1. The whole world is panicking including here in Canada. When governments buildings and schools etc are now empty. BTW as long as you wash your hands with jyst hand soap or even dish soap you should be OK. It is just a matter of taking precautions and not going nuts. After all more people die from influenza each year than the now dreaded coronovirus.

  2. Jamaica isn’t crazy because Kenya has confirmed its first incident by a Kenyan woman who flew to Kenya from London via USA. The government has warned traders against increasing prices of commodities.

    • The same thing here, although many people, especially higglers (people who sell on the road or in little leantos) are doing it. And most disinfectants are missing from the shelves. I am lucky that a neighbour shared some with me.

  3. No. Jamaica is not the only place going crazy. But the people selling bottles of alcohol for $500 should be put in jail! If they get beat up or their stores get broken into and people just take the alcohol, they should be blamed for provoking the attack! They brought it on themselves. I’m not encouraging violence. But it’s really more like an act of self-defense. It’s a matter of human rights. OK. Yeah, I said that! I take full responsibility for my words.

    Congratulations! This is the first post I ever clicked the Cry button for. I’m upset!

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