Continuous mental stress leads to weak eyesight – Latest Research

Germany: The brain is the king of the body and its effects occur throughout the body. Although there is a lot of implicit effects on the mind of thought, anxiety and mental stress. But now latest research says, it is also dangerous for cornea and it can snatch your eyesight along with Cataract.

It has been a matter of fact even before many investigations, that mental stress can cause direct damage or loss of eyesight. After that, doctors have been asked to do their best and somehow patients can get rid of first mental stress.

A latest research says, in the demolition of mental stresses now weakness of sight, Cataract and green cataract and age as well needs to include Macular D Generation and Visual Loss.

Bernard Sibal and his colleagues professor of the University of Magdeburg in Germany have said, that continues mental stress increase the cortisol hormone. And it has its effect on two nervous sub-nervous systems which Including vascular and sympathetic nervous systems.

When both systems are affected so it effect the eye sight and it produce the safe Cataract and green Cataract and with this, optic nephropathy also produces and eyesight remain weak.

Research further says, if the eye has a disorder, mental stress makes it more worse, then the weakness of the eye produces many complicated diseases in which Safed Cataract and green Cataract and nephropathy, glaucoma and other diseases. If mental stress decreases at this stage, it directly benefit the patient.

Dr. Bernard and his colleagues said, Doctor needs to ask about the stress and the problem of anxiety in the patients and give them guidance so that they can come out of this mental health, because it helps to improve the visualization. At the same time, the doctor should increase the patient’s motivation and and the patient should ask for guidance feel free to give guidance.


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