Complete Pranayama by Ramdev (English)

Baba Ram Dev, a legend and a hero for almost all the people who love yoga. He became famous for his set of exercises with a slogan that it is such a set of kriyas that a three year old grandson and a 100 years old grandpa can practice  it alike. Mainly, there are two kriyas, Kapal Bhati and Anulum Vilum to be practiced for 15 minutes each. Then there are almost 12 exercises included in the yogic jogging. There are 12 asanas to be done on a daily basis. According to Baba Ji, this yoga, if practiced on a daily basis, will not only reduce the weight but also cure almost all the hypertensive ailments. My personal experience is amazing and why I like it the most is for the reason that it is so easy and not at all difficult like the traditional yoga asana, which requires the flexibility and the supervision of a seasoned trainer.

The benefits of Kapal Bhati and Anulum Vilum are immense. Best is if tried at least once in lifetime 🙂 and there is no stopping to it. The Anulum Vilum as Ram Dev claims can even get rid of the spectacles , a common feature these days if practiced, religiously for a period of 6 months.

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Written by Ali Shehzad

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