Characteristics of Troubled Teens Boarding Schools

Parenting a troubled teenager comes with many challenges. Teenage is that period of age when teens strive independence that eventually welcomes many changes in their behavioral pattern. However, when their behavior turns bizarre and unpredictable, teens are termed as troubled or struggling. Troubled teens exhibit immense behavioral, emotional, and learning problems including depression, anxiety, and eating disorders. They may turn violent, skipping school, or indulge in self-destruction, alcohol and drug abuse, and criminal activities. The degree of struggles sometimes calls for the serious attention of parents and school to help these teens overcome their problems.

For the purpose of healing troubled teens in a suitable and favorable surrounding with the assistance of certified doctors, nurses and other staff, many schools have been set up. Such schools help troubled teens to get their grades back on track through the scheduled syllabus and providing them with an environment surrounding similar teens. Some great assistance from therapeutic boarding schools for teens, residential treatment centers, and wilderness therapy programs have significantly helped troubled teens depending upon the degree of the problem they are going through. Here in this article certain vital characteristic of troubled teens boarding schools are detailed.

1- Competent staff and leadership- The method used to treat a troubled teen should be pre-tested in general. The leadership must be qualified enough to run the programs with experience. The leadership is entitled to hold management skills and training to offer the best management services while hosting treatment programs. Leaders and staff must be well-trained, and well-adjusted to be fitted in the program. Leaders should be aware of the latest teenage culture to know the root of the problem.

2- Amenability of programs- Program ought to be amenable to its mission and vision. The programs must be operated within the area of these missions and vision. Set principles and ethics must be followed to bring these programs into the reality that do fair to the troubled teens. A strong governing or oversight body must be there in the operations of programs.

3- Transparent communication- There should be transparent communication between staff and parents of troubled kids. All the information regarding the goals of programs, solutions to the problems, what improvements are seen in the teen, and how teens must be handled in emergencies must be disclosed to the parents. The staff member should be available 24hours for the calls from parents. Programs involving parents’ participation must communicate with them giving hopes for better tomorrow.

4- Consistent staff and programs- Programs must be consistent to reap overcoming results from a troubled teens treatment procedure. The program must be improved after every practice to achieve improved results. Consistent training programs must be held to stand them competent to the changing practices and train them to the point that eventually they are capable of training other staff members in the future.

5- Collaboration between staff and leaders- A good collaboration between staff members and leadership stands beneficial for regular improvement in programs. What changes are needed and what new methods should be used to update the program keeping in mind the past experience of successes and failures.

The selection of troubled teens boarding schools come with many questions from parents. Aforesaid characteristics should duly be analyzed before admitting teens to any one of them.

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