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The chamomile to calm headaches

Accustomed to heavy migraines, don’t get in your way! Large chamomile is very useful to calm headaches. Run quickly to get this “green” remedy and adopt it as a basic treatment.


Where did it come from?

With its yellow heart and white petals, Tanacetum parthenium is not easy to spot in nature. The camomile family is numerous! The “great” is nevertheless widespread in our latitudes. It is an “escape from the gardens” that grows on the edges of the paths.

For whom?

For large migraine headaches as a basic treatment. This does not prevent you from taking your usual treatment (triptans) in case of a seizure.

What does it contain?

Like artichoke or milk thistle, it contains lactones (bitter principles, characteristic of a liver action), including parthenolide, concentrated in its aerial parts (capsules, leaves and stems). It also contains flavonoids with anti-inflammatory effects.

What are its benefits?

While parthenolide has traditionally been used for fever, headache, stomach and toothache, and to relieve painful menstruation, it has been scientifically proven to be effective in migraine attacks: compared to placebo, it reduces the frequency of migraine attacks by 20% to 30% and reduces associated nausea and vomiting.

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