Can't Do Better – 16

There are people who suffer tragedies.  Their lives might seem sad and stark.   But good people have connections to others.  Friends of their parents or relatives of their friends would be in their circle.

They would not be totally isolated, they would not be repulsive.

Those who Can’t Do Better will use every possible tragedy in their lives to get over on others.

Jade, whom I referred  to in the articles Crazy Boasting Cat Lady, is one of them.

She never said; “My House Burnt Down”, she said “My Parent’s House Burnt Down.”  

That is because Jade didn’t live there.   Whatever reason her parents had for expelling her doesn’t matter.  The fact is she played  the “Burnt House”  card to get sympathy and  as her explanation for her faults.

When a person has no one it is usually because of their personality.


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Written by jaylar

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