Can't Do Better – 1

There are people whether due to lack of education, or family, or even the knowledge of social mores behave in particular manners.

It is no sense in asking an illiterate to write a report, or a person who is isolated from society to attend a function.  

Yes, there are those who recognise their shortcomings and try to compensate; they learn to read, they join groups to observe how people behave. Often, recognising they are aberrations keep their opinions, idea to themselves.

But there are many more, like the aforementioned Jade, who can never change, can never do better. They do not have the capacity to appreciate what is, for others, reality.

Yes, psychiatric analysis might be of use, if they appreciated that they needed this, but locked into their own world, they do not see themselves as aberrations.

It is these people you learn how to avoid, how to sideline, how to deal with.

The first thing you must do is be able to differentiate between those who, for whatever reason, behave in a fashion unacceptable, and those who can not do better.


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Written by jaylar

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