Candy Can Do What?

Candy is one of the finer things in life, that most people have grown up always wanting more of. But did you know candy can activate cancer cells? If this information startles you, ask your doctor about more information. I know some individuals that have had cancer and their doctors told them that eating too much sugar can activate cancer cells.

We all should consume some sugar daily, but I am not sure of the amount that is safe to consume, so ask your health care physician. You can also read more about this concerning subject from the link below. The word Cancer scares people in a big way, and for good reason, but by knowing more about cancer, and eating healthy maybe the key to a healthier life.

I know someone that was in stage 3 or 4 of colon Cancer, and also had lung cancer. I thought he would not pull through, but now he is doing fantastic. He eats how he was taught to eat, and he exercises as well. Now he has lost 100 pounds, and his cancer is in remission. His doctor told him that eating too much could activate cancer cells. He naturally start listening very carefully.

Remember to ask your doctor for more information about how sugar can play a role in activating cancer cells. I do not claim to know any facts about this, but your doctor can give you the best information.

information about sugar and cancer cells

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  1. Yes, as a child loved sweets but as I’ve grown older, I prefer savory food. I don’t mind something sweet every now and then. I also found growing old, I can’t stomach the food some people eat, as it upsets my stomach. Hamburgers don’t agree with me, I think it’s the bread.
    A good diet of fruit and vegetables and some meat is best. I also think variety is the spice of life.

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