Brain Squish – 15

There are people who live in a fantasy world.  And if you aren’t alert, you get sucked in and then spit out.   If you can pick up the clues early enough you play along with them.  But!  You never let one of those wack jobs know you see through them as glass.

As long as the Whack Job thinks you are part of the belief suspending audience you get along just fine.  The second you reveal you know they are pure puff, it becomes a situation.

The problem with people who live in their fantasies is that they need the audience.  They  need you to listen to their rubbish and seem to believe their myths.

You wonder, when they can’t see you, if they don’t realise how their presentation is ‘spoiled’.   How they don’t realise how common and crass they are, how it is so obvious they are not this or that or had this or that and their stories are as boring as a 3rd rate rerun.

You look at those who have been and are beguiled and watch and see if/when they see what is in front of them.


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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