Bracelet Or Bangle, Which One Do You Like?

Which one do you prefer, name bracelets or bangle? Gold and silver jewelry is an indispensable accessory for every girl, and it is also popular among the public. Bracelets and bangle are one of the most common gold and silver jewelry. It is also more convenient to match clothes that women can’t put it down.

Bracelets are generally dominated by younger groups, because the bracelets are small and exquisite, more flexible and changeable in style, and more fashionable and toward the young. The bangle is slightly more mature, and the texture and temperament of the two will be different. People who like to wear bracelets are psychologically more fashionable and more lively and smart. People who like to wear bangle, in addition to temperament, will make people feel mature and steady, and psychologically more restrained.

The sense of design of the bracelet is strong, and it can always be at the forefront of fashion. The advantages are outstanding, but the shortcomings also exist accordingly. Whether it is a gold bracelet or a silver bracelet[click here], it is more likely to be deformed. It may rub to some place negligently and will have scratches on the outside. The gold bracelet is slightly better. The silver bracelet should not only be wary of scratching, but also pay attention to the maintenance method. The silver reacts with the sulphide, making the silver black and dirty. Therefore, those who buy silver ornaments find blackening and become dim, that does not mean the silver is fake, but the silver plating of your jewelry reacts with the sulphide. .
Bangle are generally more atmospheric and heavy, and silver plating is also more heavy, but the design has great limitations. It has limited space for pattern carving on the bracelet, and it will not be conspicuous. But the bangle’s weight is very heavy, as the culture and meaning that has been handed down in ancient times, it is natural to have a kind of intimacy when seeing see the bangle. So many people are more willing to buy bangle when buying jewelry.
So how do you choose when buying a bracelet or a bangle?
1. If you are pursuing fashion and novelty, it is natural to buy a bracelet. In terms of fashion, the bracelet are too designable, and the bracelet of all sorts of design emerges in endlessly.
2. If you have ample budget, a little conservative, bracelet is your best choice, the bracelet itself can make you look more dignified, in terms of preservation, obviously not the bracelet can be compared.
Tips: Practical Silver Jewelry Maintenance Method
1. Keep sealed when you are not wear it, it can be packed in a jewelry box or packed in a small plastic bag, Isolate the air or it will destroy the old process on the surface. Less oxidation opportunities, keep the jewelry new.
2. Silver and other alloy jewelry, try not to touch water and irritating liquid. Silver jewelry should avoid contact with sulfur soap, hair dye, perm, etc. those Objects that are liable to damage the surface gloss of silver ornaments.
3. Special attention should be paid to the inlaid stone silver jewelry. Try not to touch the water, because there will be gaps in the inlay junction and the stone will fall off easily when it meets water.
4. The glossy get name necklace jewelry, usually you can use a delicate paper towel or a soft cloth to wipe, gently rub back and forth along the same direction to avoid excessive scratches. The best result is to use a professional silver cloth.
5. Bright silver jewelry can be washed with silver washing water. After cleaning, please wash it with plenty of water, and finally wash it with a small amount of alkaline water (such as soapy water or washing powder water), then rinse with water, wipe dry with soft cloth. The reason for using the washing powder again is to neutralize the weak acidity of the silver-washed water in order to truly play the role of the washing silver water.
6. The silver jewelry with do old process, use the silver cloth to wipe or wash with a toothpaste to restore the light, remember not to use the silver wash water.
7. To properly clean the jewelry, wear it according to the correct method; when wearing the bracelet, first wear it from the narrow side of the wrist, and then rotate it around the wrist to the normal position. Do not rub it hard, otherwise the bracelet surface stone may fall, or the bracelet itself is deformed.


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