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BOWN’S THERAPY – therapy with striking effects, my savior

I would like to share with you the good experience of Bown’s therapy. I think I already mentioned that I have some health problems. I have the worst problems with the backbone and consequently also psychological problems.

20 years ago, I had surgery on the spine, but the condition did not improve much, so I’ve been living with pain for half of my life. Because of the pain, my psychological state also deteriorated. I have tried all the treatments and therapies, painkillers that our healthcare system offers. Since nothing helped me doctors prescribed morphine.

Since I did not want to become a “drug addict”, I was even more intensely looking for opportunities to save pain or reduce them at least a little. On the web, I found a forum on Bown Therapy where people shared the very positive experience. Near my home, I soon found a therapist who performed this therapy. I decided to try this even though I was a little skeptical of past experience and I had to pay the therapy myself. But I was pleasantly surprised after the first therapy. So I decided to do five therapies on the advice of a therapist. And I’m not sorry that I decided so, today I am like a reborn. I have no pain remedies and the psychological condition has improved considerably. After a long time I live a better life.

What is Bown’s therapy

Bown’s therapy comes from Australia, where fifty years ago he developed the self-taught teacher Thomas Bowen

It belongs to manual – vibration therapy, which helps to balance in the physical and energy system. It allows you to return to a healthier and more balanced state of the person.

It is a non-violent and gentle therapy that can be safely used in people of all ages from newborns to elderly people, from athletes to pregnant women. Therapy can also complement the modes of treatment provided by modern medicine. It is used for the treatment of already present disorders, in pain relief and as a preventive and relaxation therapy. In particular, it will be interesting for those who have suffered pain for a long time and have not yet found the therapies to help them. The basis of Bown’s therapy is the so-called. Bown’s move. By gentle but with sufficiently strong pressure at precisely defined sites, we stimulate the receptors in the muscular connective tissue and thus initiate the process of self-healing. Therapy rapidly and effectively reduces musculoskeletal tension and helps to balance the neurological, hormonal, lymphatic and energy systems.

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    • Excuse me for a late reply … I was busy ….
      Bown’s therapy is a manual technique (a slight touch from the fingers), which involves both physical and energetic-vibration stimulation of the body. The essence of therapy is the so-called. Bown’s moves performed by therapists at specific locations on muscles, fascia, tendons and indirectly on nerve envelopes. The initial stimulus is carried out through the surface fusion (connective tissue), which instantly transmits stimuli to other regulatory systems that begin the process of transformation of current and old stress patterns.


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