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Blog: Going vegan is a serious commitment

While at my internship site today I found a marathon training plan that I will be making some adjustments to going into next week, as I begin my training. The key thing that I noticed about every week was that it had me averaging at least 26 miles each week total, which is understandable. Going into my training I will be making adjustments to my eating habits which will reflect the first marathon I ran back in 2007 where I pretty much removed burgers and anything fried. At first I thought about going vegan during my 20 plus weeks of training, but that would be some serious adjustments considering that I start the training soon. Talk about cold turkey. Going vegan is a serious commitment because I am sure after going vegan for 20 plus weeks, I would want to continue the vegan lifestyle because what is the point in going vegan then returning back to eating meats after removing meats. I am up for going vegan in the future, but not next week! I would like to plan it months out.

My first out of the nineteen marathons I ran, the 2007 Marine Corps Marathon. The 2019 Detroit Marathon will be my twentieth.

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  1. Long distance running places huge demands on your body, I wouldn’t risk going vegan whilst training, but that’s just me

    That having been said, I shouldn’t have to explain to a military man why you want to avoid a two front war at all costs…

  2. It’s not important how you feed yourself. It’s important that you are both tough and resistant.
    I would love to be able to come next year to Belgrade for the marathon race. You are working with the invincible Kenyans.


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