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Best Way To Sleep With Bad Back

If you went to sleep well but wake up with severe lower back pain most of the morning, then you are not alone facing this problem.

Lower back pain is a common physical problem faced by several people all over the world. The global burden of disease says that back pain is one of the primary reasons for disability problems though many people think that this pain caused by severe medical issues. Still, in reality, it often caused for lousy sleeping posture or positions or stress.

Here are some tips and a sleeping posture to reduce the lower back pain problem and to get a peaceful night’s sleep.

1. Sleeping On The Back With A Pillow

It is one of the best positions for some people all over the world to reduce their back pain. To get the best from this sleeping position just lay straight on you back and place a pillow under the knees then keep the backbone neutral. Here the pillow is an essential factor as it works to retain the curve in the lower back. One can also replace the pillow with a small towel or rolled-up towel to get added support.

Sleeping on your back helps to distribute the weight evenly and also blowout it throw-out the whole body. It gives less stress on the primary pressure points and keeps proper alignment to your spine and internal organs.

2. Side Sleeping With A Pillow

Sleeping on your left or right side with a soft pillow in between your two legs or knees can help you to reduce lower back pain and gives better sleep all over the night. Allowing your one shoulder to touch the mattress along with the full body of that side, and using a pillow in between knees is a good sleeping posture for the people with lower back pain.

Here sleeping on the left or right side is not the main trick to solve the lower back pain problem, using a pillow in between the knees is the main trick. The pad helps to give the proper alignment to your body parts while sleeping.

Also, you can use a small soft pillow under your waist if there’s a gap between your waist and mattress while sleeping side, it will give added support and comfort. It is better to sleep on the same side every day when sleeping with one or two pillows. Otherwise, it may cause some muscle imbalances.

3.  Sleeping Side In A Fetal Position

You can also try sleeping on the right or left side in a curled or fetal position. Just lay on the back first then smoothly roll onto your one comfortable side, and then fold your knees toward the chest and bend the trunk to your knees.

And it is better to switch sides if you don’t want to face any imbalances.

This position of sleeping will help you by creating a space between spines trough curling chest into a fetal position. Less space between spines may cause herniation, which results in nerve pain, weakness and so on.

4. Sleeping Back In A Sprawled Position

You can try sleeping on a reclined chair or an adjustable bed. As some people may find most comfortable to snooze in a recliner, however sleeping on a chair is not the best option to choose for back pain. Still, it proves beneficial for people with some specialized medical issues like isthmic spondylolisthesis.

Electric hospital beds can be a better option to keep the proper alignment of the body parts, shoulders and spines to give adequate support and comfort. And insufficient support and encouragement while sleeping is the key to reduce lower pain.

Reclining position is sometimes useful for the back as it makes an angle between chest and thighs which helps to lessen stress on the spine.

5. Sleeping On The Stomach With A Pillow

You can use a pillow under your lower belly and pelvis to reduce your back pressure. The use of the cushion entirely depends on your comfort, apply if you feel comfortable with a pillow while sleeping on the stomach.

However sleeping on the stomach also can be bad for back pain as it adds extra pressure on the neck, but if you find it relaxing, then you don’t need to choose any other position.

This position can relieve the tension that placed between the discs. However, people with progressive disc problems benefited most from this sleeping position.

6. Focusing On The Alignment

Sometime It may not matter which position you choose to sleep, but it does matter the proper alignment of your spine, body parts shoulde4r and so on. We need to remember that appropriate alignment or giving balanced pressure on the perfect place is the right key to sleep well and keep your body healthy.

Whenever you found any gap between your body and mattress, you can use a pillow to fill up that gap for proper alignment, and choose the most comfortable and supportive sleeping position.

7. Choosing The Right Pillow

  • Use a water pillow for all body support,
  • Pillow with Memory foam helps to mold your neck
  • Use a thinner cushion or extra padding in the bottom for back sleepers,
  • Use a thicker and firm pillow for side sleepers to keep the body in position,
  • Stomach sleepers may use the thinnest or no pad at all

It is important to remember that you should change your cushion every eighteen-month unless you tend to face an allergy problem or you may not get the fullest benefit from the pillow.

8. Choosing The Right Mattress

To reduce the lower back, you have to remember bed also matters. Doctor and specialized suggest to use the adjustable beds to reduce lower back pain, but some may have a poor sleep with a substantial bed.

  • Try to buy something firm or medium-firm mattress
  • Good quality innerspring or foam mattresses are also good
  • Try to purchase beds with a trial offer to find the suitable one
  • Also can use a plywood board under the current bedding for a comfortable feeling

9. Some More Tips To Add

  • Try to follow a perfect sleep schedule which can help to keep your body in a neutral sleeping pattern
  • Using an ice pack before sleep also can help to relief from pain
  • Try to do laborious exercise in the morning, not before sleep
  • Taking a bath or a light yoga help to sleep better
  • Do soothing activities to relaxing your body
  • Try to avoid any caffeine at night


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Written by Nathan Nicholas

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