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Benefits of Schüssler’s salt 2.

So I managed to prepare another post on Schüssler’s salt.

Their use is very simple, they have little side effects, but they are ideal for treating typical problems.

Schüssler’s salt is numbered. I, according to the therapist’s advice, use salt no. 7 (magnesium). I dissolve in the evening in warm water 2 to 10 tablets and drink with sips. I can say that now I have no problems with cramps and my mental state has improved.

1. Salt for beautiful skin and strong veins – Calcium fluoratum. Cleans cracked lips, strengthens fragile nails on hands and feet.

2. Reliable aid in menstrual problems – Calcium phosphoricum. It strengthens the body and soul. It also helps fight allergies

3. ‘First aid’ in infections, injuries – Ferrum phosphoricum. Works of miracles in acute infections, circulatory disorders and minor injuries.

4. Healthy inflammation and detoxification – Kalium chloratum. It helps in inflammation of the skin and also mucous membranes (stomach, intestines, eyes, mucous membranes).

5. Strengthens the nervous system and gives energy – Kalium phosphoricum. It supports cell metabolism, strengthens the body in physical and mental exhaustion

6. Helps in dry skin and hair loss – Kalium sulfuricum. It helps the body to create cysteine needed by hair, nails and skin.

7. It works against stress, provides relaxation – Magnesium phosphoricum. It helps in relaxing and it acts on the nervous system. Stress, strong stress, depression.

8. Mitigates the problems of the digestive tract – Natrium chloratum. Also known as kitchen salt – it regulates water balance in cells, stimulates excretion and detoxification.

9. Regulates acids and stops the problem of heartburn – Natrium phosphoricum. It binds acids of all kinds and therefore regulates diseases of excess gastric acid, such as increased blood fat levels, heartburn, bile and kidney stones.

10. Helps detoxify your body – Natrium sulfuricum. It accelerates digestion and releases excess water from the body. It also reduces swollen eyes, feet …

11. Strengthens bones, skin and hair – Silicea. Silicon acid strengthens and rejuvenates the skin and connective tissue, strengthens hair and nails, ensures solid bones.

12. Ends with annoying inflammation – Calcium sulfuricum works anti-inflammatory, strengthens the liver and bile, stimulates the metabolism and formation of new cells.


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  1. You can just image if you add a glass of water after you wake up in the morning on an empty stomach with that, instead of adding 1/4 teaspoon or 1/4 tablespoon of an ordinary salt.

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