Benefits of Sadness

I truly believe there is a time and place for everything and maybe not everyone. Some of things here will resonate with some. Some things will resonate with no one. That is the beauty of being individuals with different perceptions. Once you accept that no one else thinks exactly like you, you realize you are already a “free thinker”. So stop and read the title again. Does it feel true to you? Could sadness be beneficial?

If you want to know what your real priorities in your life should be, go through a time of sadness and let all the feelings and thoughts flow. Laugh, cry, get angry, and maybe even break a few things. Then decide if this a place that you want to visit again on occasion or do you want to close that door forever. I don’t want to forget one moment of the last day I spend with my mom. It was painful. It brings tears to me eyes just thinking of it. And it reminds me that I have no regrets with that last day. There was nothing I could have said or done to make her know how much I loved and appreciated her and how I was going to be okay as she left that tired, weak, little body behind so her spirit could sore. She knew that I loved her, unconditionally. 

Every time I recall the day. I laugh. I cry. I experience things that only can be learned and remembered by experiencing it all again. It renews my priorities and reminds me that there is a time and place for everything.

That very sad day teaches me a new lesson every time I am willing to allow the sadness to be real and help me all over again.

Sadness renews your priorities.

Stay tuned for more benefits.


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