Aspirin reduces the risk of cancer

Cancer resistance has been discovered in aspirin. The aspirin, whose chemical name is “such a tile is a salicylic acid”, protects from becoming blood vessel. And thus, many diseases including the strok are removed. After a long time, experts have been saying that aspirin can prevent many types of cancer.

In this case, scientists have reviewed various medical trials (Random Clinical Trials) in 20 years. Which has shown that use of aspirin for many years can prevent you from intestinal cancer. If only for 5 years aspirin are consumed regularly, the lowest amount of taking aspirin also protects from intestinal cancer.

However, science is still unable to know the reason, In this study, experts have considered the structure of nucleus associated with the cells of the nucleus, which is the largest part of the human cell. It contains proteins for the rhythmosomes present.

But when the production of reboosomes in nucleus increases, so it increases the growth rate of gastrointestinal organs. Experts from Cancer Research Center, located in University of Edinburgh, noted the effects of spaghetti on certhritic glands, so that aspirin prevents new protein and is found useful in special intestinal cancer.

However, experts said that regular use of aspirin also prevents many other diseases, including mental illnesses. Dr. Lizley Stark, who is involved in the research, said that such a aspirin can be very useful in many types of cancer.


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  1. I believe in aspirin. I’m just sorry that some people can’t take aspirin. For some people it upsets their stomach and does bad things to them. But when I get sick, I don’t know what I would do if there was no aspirin. Seriously! That expression when the doctor says “Take 2 aspirin and call me morning.” If I call the doc it will be to say I’m fine. Whatever it was it went away when I took the aspirin. My rule is: If a health problem persists for more than 2 weeks, then go see a doctor. Otherwise just take some aspirin.


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