Andrew Saul – High Dose Vitamin C Therapy for All Major Diseases

I have been battling with a compromised liver for most of my life going through bouts of diarrhea and constipation for most of my 68-year life.

We recently moved from a sub-tropical climate to a dry climate. With temperature extremes as are being experienced by all countries on earth, our climate is no exception being in the high extremes as well.

We are experiencing extremely high summer temperatures just now and this, together with erratic thundershowers interspersed with dry conditions, all have resulted in high levels of pollen being released into the atmosphere and this has brought about severe symptoms of rhinitis, hayfever, and sinus and of course, at least in my case it would seem so, diarrhea.

All of the above has taken my research online, to investigate alternative and natural cures and remedies for a depleted immune system, which is indicated by a weak liver. I came across a Doctor Andrew Saul’s video, called: High Dose Vitamin C Therapy For All Major Diseases. Not only will you be amazed by what you hear, but you may also just uncover a final cure for your own resistant malady or medical condition, wouldn’t that be great? I have just started out on 3000 mg. per day and will report back on any changes if at all.

Here is a comment from a viewer of his video:

“I am a 78-year-old white male.  I have been taking 30 GMs of Vitamin-C for some 40 years!

 I do not get sick, and I look and feel great.  I am a cancer researcher and my research is based not on chemicals but plant extracts, etc.  Take as much vitamin-c as you can stand, IE, in the unlikely event, your stool becomes loose, just cut back on the Vit. C for a while until stable again. and enjoy NOT being sick again!

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Watch this video by Doctor Andrew Saul, you’ll be glad you did.


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