American Vampire Facial’s Beauty Parlor has been Closed by NMDOH

United States – Under the risk of diseases and infections Vampire Facial beauty parlor has been closed to patients who used to make them fit by the blood of patients. A beauty parlor, located in New mexico, was revealed where the vampire facial was performing and its name was kept “VIP SPA” On the same hand, the Department of Health has advised some tests of women who performed vampire facial.

The New Maxico Department of Health (NMDOH) advised those women performed vampire Facial after examining the beauty parlor.

‘Vampire Facial’ is a new kind of cosmetic and beauty parlor circles trend especially in united states which is famous by many celebrities, including Kim kardashian. in this process the blood of women pulled out with a minor needle and and from the blood plasma is separated on the face. It is believed that proteins present in the plasma make the skin elegant and smooth.

In the next phase, beauty parlor planned to fill plasma injection and  process at women’s face. After which the Department of Health had to take action against them because it threatens to spread hepatitis B, C and HIV infection. Only in the United States, it cost is $ 400 to 500.


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