After Abuse (Female Abuser) – 94

In many case the control the Female Abuser has over the Male Victim is clear to outsiders.

It is clear to the person who phones the Male victim to hear the Female Abuser in the background constantly calling him, interrupting him, demanding his attention.

The person who phones the Male Victim realises what is happening and cuts the call.   There is no sense in continuing, so the friend stops phoning.  

The Male Victim doesn’t realise that every time one of his friends or family calls, the Female Abuser demands attention.

He doesn’t take this reality and use it in daily life so as to see that he goes where the Female Abuser demands, does what she wants at all times.

He doesn’t realise that she will express political views anti those held by his friends to encourage them to cut him off.

 The Female Abuser’s purpose is to cut him off from everyone save herself and her people.

This is also standard for the Male Abuser who doesn’t want witnesses to his abuse.


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